Instream Flows for Recreational and Aesthetic Resources
Methods for assessing impacts of instream flow changes on recreation and aesthetics are presented. Impacts to recreation can be predicted by quantifying recreational use, predicting impacts...

Marinas and Minor Harbors in the Northern Adriatic

Agat Small Boat Harbor, Guam—Monitoring Plan

Linking Salt Lake City with Six Mountain Resorts

Boat Live-aboards in the Florida Keys

A Comprehensive Analysis and Overview of Hawaii's Ocean Industries

The Use of Nearshore Dive Sites by Recreational Dive Operations in Hawaii

Floating Hotels in the Coastal Environment

Historical Trend of Coastal Development and the Construction of Offshore Man-made Islands in Japan

What the Fix is and How we Developed it: The Process of Negotiating an Agreement on the Marine Mammal Protection Act Amendments of 1988, and What the Amendments Will Require

Breakwater Filtration System Design for Swim Basin

Coastal Tourism: Building Local Leadership

Bathing Resorts in Japan

Boater Environmental Education in Puget Sound

Water Access Needs in Southeastern Virginia

Regulation of Boat Mooring Sanitary Facilities in Virginia

Advanced Technology for Macro Oceanic and Atmospheric Management Project—MOAM Practical Scheme

Sea Level Change, Fisheries, and Coastal Planning

Parks on the Waterfront: Confluence of Mandate and Need

The South Carolina Public Beach and Coastal Access Project





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