A Concise Discussion on Coastal Island Economy Development
Some basic principles to develop coastal island economy has been proposed in this paper on the basis of analyzing the characteristics of coastal island economy, and these principles can...

Los Angeles County Operation of 33 Miles of Public Beach—Santa Monica Bay, California

Dam Safety Hydrologic and Seismic Evaluation of TVA'S Beech Dam
Beech Dam is part of the Beech River watershed resource development located in Decatur and Henderson counties in west Tennessee. The development consists of eight dams and approximately...

The Search for Public Access in New York State
Public access to coastal areas for recreational purposes is a declared policy goal of both Federal and State governments. Accomplishment of this goal involves issues of public versus private...

Downstream Danger from Sudden Discharges of Water
The sudden, unexpected release of water by hydropower facilities poses a threat to fishermen and boaters immediately downstream. The characteristics of the danger can be identified, however,...

A Water Pricing Model for Lake Texana
Faced with water sales and recreation revenues insufficient to service the project debt, the Lavaca-Navidad River Authority (L-NRA), operators of Lake Texana, decided upon a novel approach...

Conflict Resolution, Reallocation and Management of Lake Texoma Resources
From its inception, Lake Texoma has created conflicts among users of its natural resources, including hydropower, water supply, flood control, and recreational users. Many attempts have...

Water Quality Criteria for Cyanide in the Similkameen River, British Columbia
The toxicological and environmental significance of the major cyanide compounds is discussed. Data from earlier bioassays studies of cyanide are summarised and the ranges of median lethal...

Physical Model Study of Navigation Conditions
This paper describes a physical model study performed to assess the impact of increased flows from a redeveloped hydroelectric generating station on the ability of pleasure boats to navigate...

Lessons Learned in Southeast United States
The droughts during the decades of the eighties in the southeast were the most severe during the period of record. In addition to the immediate inconvenience they caused, they were precursors...

Oil Spills and the Fishing Industry

Happy Days Visitor Center, Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area

Rebuilding Infrastructure for Pleasure Boating

A Utah Snowpack Augmentation Program

Floating Breakwater for Small Recreational Harbors

Design Considerations for Small Boat Yards and Small Vessel Repair Yards

Harbor Conversion and Recreational Boating in Racine, Wisconsin

Overfishing on a Philippine Coral Reef: A Glimpse Into the Future

Coastal Resort Planning

Development of State Marine Recreational Fisheries Licensing on the Atlantic Coast





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