Bolsa Chica—A Historical Perspective: Application of the Public Trust Doctrine to Public Land Management

Restoration and Development Guidelines for Ocean Beach Recreation Areas

Development of Parks and Recreational Zone in Urban Port Area—Port of Osaka as an Example

Study on Coastal Resort Development Based on the Japanese Life Style

Blast Fishing and Government Response in Lingayen Gulf

The Use of the Sea for Leisure Activities: the Case of the Ligurian Sea

Management of Fishing Ports in Japan

Economic Evaluation of Coastal Recreation Projects

Demand for Beach Protection and Use in Maine and New Hampshire: A Contingent Valuation Approach

Quantitative Monitoring of the Coastal Environment Along Kiel Bay, Southwestern Baltic Sea, With Respect to Tourism and Recreation

A New Wave on the Horizon—Towards Building Surfing Reefs Nearshore

A Survey of Pleasure Boats in a Coastal Resort Area of Japan

A Case Study: Relicensing of Pensacola Hydropower Project
The current license for the Pensacola Hydropower Project (orginally licensed in 1939) will expire in 1988. The relicensing process for the project currently is underway. During the consultation...

Reservoir Releases Improvements—Requiem for Integrating Pollution Control and Resource Management Programs?
To better define the interrelationships between economic growth and development, pollution control, and water resource management, TVA conducted two studies that examined how reservoir...

Instream Flow Values and Power Production
An approach relating the value of water instream to water flow in the stream results in a continuous function of value versus flow. This function is developed using the Physical Habitat...

Glen Canyon Environmental Studies Resource Response Analysis
The primary objective of the Glen Canyon Environmental Studies is to determine how the resources of the Grand Canyon respond to the operations of Glen Canyon Dam. Two levels of analysis...

Bio-Economic Models for Measuring the Economic Effects of Hydropower on Anadromous Fish Populations in the Pacific Northwest
An empirical model is presented for predicting the net economic value of changes in recreational catch of salmon and steelhead in Oregon, Washington and Idaho associated with construction...

Osoyoos Lake Control Structure
The new Osoyoos Lake Control Structure has been built on the Okanogan River at Oroville, Wa. The site is about 2 miles downstream from the outlet of Osoyoos Lake, and about 9 miles south...

Modeling Water Supply Benefits of a Shallow Lake in a River Reach
Minimum flow and level requirements based on ecological, water quality, recreation and other needs are established and used as limiting criteria in the development of a riverine lake as...

An Agricultural Watershed Environmental Study
The concerns of this study are the effects of soil and water conservation measures on a salmonid habitat for an agricultural watershed. The study includes an economic analysis in accordance...





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