Planning and Design Guidelines for Small Craft Harbors

Interfacing with the Public on Water-Related Issues—What TVA is Doing
Management of the water resources of the Tennessee River Basin has been a primary responsibility of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) since its creation almost 60 years ago. In the...

Prescriptive Model for Missouri River Reservoir-operation Analysis
The six main-stem reservoirs of the Missouri river system are operated by the Corps of Engineers for flood control, navigation, irrigation, power, water supply, water quality control,...

Alternative Study for the Breakwater and Fishing Pier Rehabilitation at Playland Park, Rye, New York
An alternative study was conducted to determine that existing condition of a deteriorated timber pier and a rubblemound breakwater, and to develop alternative rehabilitation plans leading...

Retrofitting Storm Water Facilities for Quantity and Quality Control
Historically, urban storm water detention facilities in the U.S. were first designed, constructed and operated for the single purpose of urban flood control. In the second phase, recreation...

Devil's Gate Multi-Use Project and Urban Water Resource
Not since Congress passed the 1902 Reclamation Act has there been an opportunity for a water resources project to make such an instrumental impact on the environment. Historically, damming...

Wetland Valuation Based Upon Multi-Purpose Performance Evaluation
Wetland protection and restoration have become a top priority in water management. A wide variety of benefits are ascribed to wetland protection, e.g., flood control, water quality improvement,...

Presentation of Case Study and Identification of Special Interest Groups
A typical example facing the National Park Service is presented that demonstrates the diversity in objectives associated with water resources decision making in an environmentally conscious...

Live Demonstration with Attendees Participation
An application of multi criterion decision making is demonstrated in an interactive environment with Conference participants attending this session. A common problem facing water resources...

Facing Management Challenges on the Barbados Coastline: The Problem of Coastline Accesses

Aerial Photographic Analysis of Boat Traffic Distributions in Cumberland Sound, Georgia

Some Aspects on Human Recreational Behavior of Beach Along Shonan Coast

Destruction and Restoration of New Nagasaki Fishing Port Breakwaters

A Study of Fishing Port Structures with Improved Environmental Protection Technology

Planning of an Offshore Fishing Port in Shallow Sandy Beach

A Redevelopment of Large-Scale Fishing Port Located in the Vicinity of City (Misaki Fishing Port Redevelopment)

Vertical Convection Introduced by a V-Shaped Plate Structure

Development Program of Offshore Fishing Port Which Overcomes Drift Sand Problem

The Improvement Work of Repayment Type for Fishing Port in Fisheries Coastal Zone The System and Example

Examples of the Coast Environment Improvement Works at Fishing Port Areas in Japan





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