Construction of Performance Contours on the Storage-Yield Plane of a Within-Year Reservoir System
The reservoir storage-reliability-yield (S-R-Y) relationships developed in the past have considered only the probability of failure to meet the target requirements, but not the likely...

Assessment and Implications of Local Channel Instability on the Prediction of Bridge Scour
Current assessments of the potential for scour at existing and new bridges do not include the effects of local channel instability on predicted bridge scour estimates. Local channel instability...

An Economy and Risk Analysis of Installed Capacity Expansion at the Three Gorges Power Plant
This paper studies the possibility and economy of peak-regulation operation during flood period at the Three Gorges reservoir, which will at the same time satisfy the requirements for...

Identification of Nonlinear Systems under Random Excitation

Variability Response Functions for Random Eigenvalue Problems

Random Responses of Discretized Structures with Energy Dissipation Devices

Structural Fragility Analysis Using Finite Element Computational Models

Traffic Load Effects on Highway Bridges

Mean Stress Effects in Fatigue of Welded Steel Joints

Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics of Nuclear Pressure Vessels

Probability-Based Design Requirements for Longitudinally Stiffened Panels in Ship Structures

Mathematical Techniques & Software for Stochastic Design Optimization

Reliability Evaluation Using SFEM

Higher Moments of Weighted Integrals of Non-Gaussian Fields

Probabilistic Modeling of Roof Sheathing Uplift Capacity

Micromechanics of Damage in Random Composites

Including Inspection Imperfection in Optimizing Structural Management Policies

Error Estimates for FORM and SORM Computations of Failure Probability

Asymptotic Approximation of Reliability Integrals for Uncertain Systems

Wave Induced Reaction Forces and Tension in TLP Tendons





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