Sines Breakwaters Monitoring Program

West Breakwater Maintenance

Beneficial uses of dredged material principles and practice

Progress in England and Wales on the Development of Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material

A Modern Electric Stepgauge for Accurate Wave and Tide Measurement

Integrated Environmental Monitoring Dredging Projects in the Netherlands

Constructed Civil Infrastructure Systems R&D
A European Perspective
This report, Constructed Civil Infrastructure Systems R&D: A European Perspective, presents findings from the Civil Engineering Research...

Investigation and Design Concepts for a Nuclear Waste Repository in the Kola Peninsula of Northwest Russia

High Level Waste Disposal and Reprocessing in the UK

Protecção Provisória do Molhe Oeste do Porto de Sines

Final Storage of High Activity Waste in Spain

Messeturm Tower: Frankfurt, Germany
A 256 meter (840 feet)tall office tower, currently the tallest building in Europe, has been constructed in Frankfurt Germany. The 7- story structure with 85500 square meter (920,000 square...

Increasing the Credibility of Scientific Analyses

Interfaces and interactions in the Swiss Waste Disposal Programme

Tunnel Boring Machine for Nuclear Waste Repository Research Project

Switzerland: Rail Access to Airports and the Fly-Luggage System
Swissair and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) offer a unique service for air passengers travelling to and from their Swiss airport of departure or arrival. In conjunction with private...

Airports and Air Quality Issues - the European Perspective
This paper presents a detailed review of air quality studies at European Airports since 1986. It also provides a brief analysis of the air quality section of a recent ACI (Europe) environmental...

Case Study - Performance of Diaphragm Walls During Construction; Predictions vs. Field Measurements
Rigid diaphragm walls (slurry walls) are being used more than any other earth supporting system for underground construction projects in confined downtown sites throughout the United States...

Gothic Structure and Design: Narbonne Cathedral
Viollet le Duc considered Narbonne Cathedral to be one of the best constructed Gothic buildings in France. The ambulatory piers are single courses of stone bonded into adjacent walls....

Molhe Oeste Do Porto De Sines Reabilitação Definitiva Fiscalização Da Construção





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