Clearing the Air with Japan, Germany

Parameter Regionalization of a Daily Baseflow Runoff Model
Daily baseflow values are required to characterize the environmental measurements being carried out in several basins in the Province of Genova, northern Italy. The main purpose of these...

Evaluation of the Return Period of the September 1992 Flood in Genova, Italy
The September 1992 flood in Genova caused great damage and loss of life. The flood peak, at the outlet of a 12.5 km2 basin, was estimated at 200...

A Comparative Study of U.S. and Russian High-Level Waste Repository Design Concepts

Swiss Guideline: Protection Objectives for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste

Methodology of Scientific Investigations for Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Formations of Ukraine

Results from the Kristallin-I Performance Assessment

Preliminary Investigation Results as Applied to Utilization of Ukrainian Salt Formations for Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste

Preliminary Results of Investigation of the Ukrainian Shield Geological Formations for Radioactive Wastes Disposal

Overview of the Spanish High Level Radioactive Waste Programme

Concept and Programme Radioactive Waste Disposal in Geological Formations of Ukraine

Site Characterisation and Performance Assessment in the Swiss Nuclear Waste Disposal Programme: Benefits from the Second NAGRA/USDOE Project Agreement

Isotope Systematics in Ground Water and Hydrogenic Deposits at ÄSPÖ, Sweden

Improvement and Re-establishment of Good Hydraulic Conditions in Sewers: The French Experience

Time-related Deflections of Cantilever Bridges
Many prestressed concrete bridges with spans between 100 and 160 m have been built in the Netherlands. The method of construction is the so-called in situ free cantilever construction....

The Usefulness of Stone Columns to Reduce Settlements and Distortions - A Case History
A shed had to be built as a storage area for ashes and gypsum resulting from the combustion of coal in a power plant in Sardinia, Italy. Two field loading tests have been performed. In...

Settlement of a Silo Subjected to Cyclic Loading
The paper presents the vertical settlement values for a corn silo located at Ca' Mello, close to Porto Tolle (Italy), and compares it with the theoretical results obtained using a simplified...

The Influence of Engineering Judgement in the Settlement Analysis of a Test Fill Near Châlon-sur-Saône, France
This paper describes the settlement study for a test fill near Chalon-sur-Saone (France). The soil profile at the site comprised a silty clay layer 4.2 m thick. The elevation of the ground...

Vacuum consolidation Technology–Principles and Field Experience
Vacuum consolidation is an effective means for improvement of saturated soft soils. The soil site is covered with an airtight membrane and a vacuum is created underneath it by using a...

Application of the Diflupress L.D. Field Test to Settlement Calculation
Electricite de France developed a new in situ measurement apparatus (Diflupress L.D.) in order to predict the delayed settlements that can appear under heavy constructions. From the experimental...





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