Artificial Recharge by Wells at the Amsterdam Water Supply

Behavior of Phosphate in Eutrophic Surface Water Upon Artificial Recharge in the Western Netherlands

Recent Scenario Development Methodologies Within SKB

Pavements for a Container Terminal on a Dynamically Compacted Hydraulic Fill, Port of Voltri, Italy

The Great Netherland Flood of '93 and Its Impact on Navigation

German Guidelines for Steel Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete in Tunnels with Special Consideration of Design and Statical Aspects

Wet Process Shotcrete An Ecological and Economical Quality Product for the Future

Contributions of the Grimsel Test Site (GTS) To Swiss Site Characterisation Programmes

The Role of Cation Exchange in Controlling Groundwater Chemistry at Äspö, Sweden

Renovation of the Quay Wall on the Right Bank of the Entrance to the Great Dock in the Port of Ghent - Belgium

The Duca di Galliera Breakwater of the Port of Genova

A Summary of the NEPSTP Nuclear Safety Program
The Nuclear Electric Propulsion Space Test Program (NEPSTP) is sponsored by the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) to demonstrate and evaluate the Russian-built TOPAZ II nuclear...

TOPAZ II System Description
The TOPAZ II single-cell thermionic space reactor power system was designed, built and tested by the former Soviet Union (Russia). It has been purchased by the United States (U.S.) for...

TOPAZ II Qualification and Nuclear Testing Program
This paper presents an overview of the Topaz II qualification and nuclear test program. The program combines the joint efforts and resources of Russian and American specialists and organizations...

Validation of the European Yield Model for Nailed Connections
Recent changes in National Design Specification for Wood Construction (NDS) connection design methods make it necessary to validate the European yield model (EYM) for nails. Test values...

A Quasicrystal for Denmark's Coast
The first true quasicrystal structure will have been built in the fall of 1993 at COAST (The Center for Art, Science, and Technology at the Danish Technical University). With 600 aluminum...

Morphology of Reciprocal Frame Three-Dimensional Grillage Structures
This paper is an introduction to the morphology of structures using the Reciprocal Frame (also known as Mandala Dach in Germany) which is a patented three-dimensional beam grillage structural...

Three Dimensional Modelling of Estuarine Sediment Transport
This paper describes the sediment transport module in the three-dimensional finite element model TELEMAC-3D which uses the operator splitting technique to solve the shallow water and transport...

First Findings From CERF's Task Force to Europe

Rail-Air: A Multi-Modal Opportunity in a Changing World
The purpose of this Paper is to examine the applicability of rail links to major airports and the benefits they can bring. It will seek to identify the key success factors and the extent...





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