Coastal Eutrophication and Temperature Variation
A 3-D hydroecological model has been developed to simulate the impact of climate-change-induced daily temperature variation on coastal water quality and eutrophication. Historical daily...

Two-Dimensional Modelling of Flow in the River Sava
On the river Sava near Ljubljana, a sports centre with a kayak racing channel was built in 1948. For the world championship in kayak-canoe racing in 1990 totally new racing channel had...

Comparison of Current Meters Used for Stream Gaging
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is field and laboratory testing the performance of several current meters used throughout the world for stream gaging. Meters tested include horizontal-axis...

Integrated Planning for International River Basin
The integrated development of the Vardar/Axios Basin includes a system of projects scheduled to meet the needs and aspirations of Yugoslavia (in particular, the former Socialist Republic...

A model to describe the fate of agricultural pollutants
The distributed parameter hydrological model CEQUEAU is coupled to nitrogen and pesticide sub-models to study agricultural non-point pollution at the watershed level. This developing tool...

Hocking River Sedimentation Study
The channel improvement project located on the Hocking River in Athens, Ohio is estimated to have prevented over 68 million dollars in flood damages since its completion in 1971. However,...

A Watershed Model for Estimating Suspended Sediment Hydrographs
A mathematical model was developed to estimate soil detachment and transport and, consequently, suspended sediment hydrograph for single storms on a watershed basis. In this linear cascade...

Letter From Moscow

Poland Gets Moving
Poland's transportation network is a victim of two world wars, foreign domination, and neglected maintenance, but there are ambitious plans to rebuild the road and rail systems....

Field Measurements in a Tidal River Estuary on the Cantabrian Coast, Spain

Overview of the Sines West Breakwater Reconstruction

Brief History of the Port of Sines and General Presentation of West Breakwater

Port of Sines West Breakwater Rehabilitation Strategy Selected

Temporary Protection of the West Breakwater of the Port of Sines

Short Synthesis of Some Studies Carried Out for the Repairing of Sines Port West Breakwater

Sines West Breakwater Emergency Repair, Hydraulic Studies

Following the Geotechnical Studies of the West-Breakwater at Sines; Hydro-Geotechnical Stability of Breakwaters

Port of Sines West Breakwater Rehabilitation Repair Works (1990 - 1992)

West Breakwater of the Port of Sines Final Rehabilitation Inspection of the Construction

Evaluations and Revisions of the Design





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