HICIMS: An Integrated GIS and DBMS Application

Spatial Geologic Hazard Analysis in Practice

Mapping Convergence: GIS Joins the Enterprise
While utilities and telecommunications companies have led the way in maximizing GIS's potential, some progressive municipalities are now incorporating GIS into every aspect of their daily...

Drastic Groundwater Vulnerability Mapping of Portugal

Debris-Flow Hazard Map Units from Gridded Probabilities

Map of the World Mudflow Phenomena

The Basic Characteristics of Debris Flow Hazard Along the Sichuan-Xizhang (Tibet) Highway in China

Automated Monitoring of Compaction Using GPS

Making a Map of Public Health Hazards
Accurately deducing the long-term exposure of community members to health hazards has always been a challenge for engineers. In 1993, the town of Somers, Conn., discovered a residential...

Geoscience and Geotechnical Engineering Aspects of Debris-Flow Hazard Assessment

Development of the Deterministic Caltrans Seismic Hazard Map of California

Impact of New Wind Speed Map for ASCE 7-95

Behaviour-Oriented Models of Shoreface Evolution

Mapping Groundwater Vulnerability to Nitrate and Pesticide Contamination in the Salinas Valley, Monterey County, California
This paper describes the approach and the associated investigation leading to the development of groundwater vulnerability maps for a critical water supply region in the Monterey County....

Application of GIS Technology to Floodplain & Habitat Analyses
A long-term flood control and maintenance plan for the Mojave River, located in southern California, is currently being developed to satisfy permit requirements for state and federal regulatory...

Subcatchment Parameterization for Runoff Modeling Using Digital Elevation Models
Numerical algorithms are presented to estimate the length, width and slope of rectangular planes representing irregularly shaped overland contributing areas defined on raster Digital Elevation...

A Practical Approach to Watershed Sanitary Surveys
A step-by-step approach for conducting watershed sanitary surveys can be successfully applied to watersheds of all sizes. The approach involves preparing a watershed map, contacting regulatory...

Interaction between the Crack Tips of a Circular Arc Crack

Incorporating Terrain Uncertainties in Autonomous Vehicle Path Planning

Shake, Rattle and Map
Researchers at Stanford's Earthquake Engineering Institute are developing an innovative system that uses geographic information systems to predict earthquake damage. A case study shows...





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