Three-Second Gust Effect Factors for Transmission Lines

Ground Motion Mapping for Highway Design in the State of Oregon

Drastic Groundwater Vulnerability Mapping of Portugal

Automated Monitoring of Compaction Using GPS

Map of the World Mudflow Phenomena

Spatial Geologic Hazard Analysis in Practice

Central Pacific Hurricanes-What Do We Know?

A Rapid Barrier Island Hazard Mapping Technique as a Basis for Property Damage Risk Assessment and Mitigation

Earthquake Loss Estimation Using Earthquake Hazard Maps and Building Data

Earthquakes that Contribute Most to the Seismic Hazard of California

Use of GIS Mapping to Illustrate the Sensitivity of Wind Hazard Insurance Loss Estimation to Modeling Parameters

Creating of a Data Base of Small Earth Dam for Natural Disaster Reduction

Photogrammetric Mapping
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 14. This manual provides procedures, minimum accuracy...

Water Balance of the Niger Basin
A map-based method is used to construct a monthly water balance model of the 2.3 million km Niger River basin in West Africa. The watersheds and stream network within the basin are derived...

County-Wide Drainage Study Using GIS
A county-wide drainage study was conducted for the County of San Joaquin, California, Department of Public Works, for the determination of storm runoff quantities for the planning of flood...

Storm Drainage GIS, Modeling, and Master Planning for the City of Berkeley
The City of Berkeley has completed its Storm Sewer Master Plan. The master plan com bined the findings of field inspection worig computer-based mapping, and geographic information system...

Gator Communicator Design of a Hand Held Digital Data Mapper

Shake, Rattle and Map
Researchers at Stanford's Earthquake Engineering Institute are developing an innovative system that uses geographic information systems to predict earthquake damage. A case study shows...

Mapping History
Difficult, environmentally sensitive terrain combined with the fact that Canadian Western Natural Gas's new Banff pipeline will be laid in archaeologically rich ground posed a challenge...

The Reliability of Soil Classification Derived from Cone Penetration Test





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