A Decision Support System for the Operation of Joint-Use Parking
A prototype decision support system (DSS) developed for streamlining the operation of a joint-use parking program is discussed. The DSS involves a combined usage of geographic information...

Evaluation of Airborne Video Imagery for Distinguishing Intertidal Oyster Reefs
We evaluated the effectiveness of airborne video imagery in distinguishing and mapping oyster (Crassostrea virginica) reefs in Aransas Bay on the southern Texas gulf coast. Imagery obtained...

Impact of Land Use Alternatives on Transportation Demand
This paper documents a study conducted by the Baltimore Regional Council of Governments (Regional Council) for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Under this study, alternative...

Application of Extremely Low Altitude Photogrammetry for Monitoring Coastal Structures
Extremely low altitude mapping photography exposed from a helicopter is showing considerable promise in providing another method of extending the many benefits of photogrammetric data...

Routes to Chaos of a Vertically Rotating Pendulum
Each blade of a mechanical shredder may be modeled by a pendulum whose pivot rotates in a vertical circle. The transition to chaos of small periodic motion about radial lines us the driving...

Integrated GIS Solutions with Civil Engineering Projects

Zunil 1 Landslide and Landslide Hazard

Probabilistic Order of Chaotic Dynamics
A chaotic dynamics system generally turns a deterministic input into a random-like output. Although the response is not directly predictable in the deterministic sense, its probabilistic...

Irrigation and Drainage System As-Built Map Preparation Using Satellite Digital Imagery and a GIS
Multispectral remote sensing from satellite platforms has led to the development of numerous applications which use digital imagery for the classification and mapping of natural resources...

Geological Mappability of Bored Versus Drill and Blast Excavations for Radioactive Waste Repositories

Regional Flood Frequency Analysis Using Maps

Roadmaps: An Effective Issue-Based Planning Process

Developing a Functioning Visualization and Analysis System for Performance Assessment

Use of D-C Resistivity to Map Saline Ground Water
It has been estimated in previous studies that 23 square miles of the Oxnard aquifer, a member of a multi-layered aquifer system beneath the Oxnard plain in Ventura County, California,...

Two Examples of Position Estimation

GeoLink: Integrating GIS and GPS for Land Use Planning, Road Mapping, and Environmental Analysis

Developing Infrastructure Lifecycle Solutions

Modeling Variable Width Buffer Zones with a Geographic Information System
It is possible to gain significant protection of water resources from nonpoint pollution with buffer strips, but frequently a single width strip is not appropriate. Geographic information...

Evaluation of Failure Potential in Mudstone Slopes Using Fuzzy Sets

Baltimore City's Geographical Information Data Base for the NPDES Stormwater Program





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