Central Artery/Tunnel Project, Boston: Mitigation Does Work

Metal-Detection System May Offer Safer Excavations

3-D FEM Analysis of Excavation of a Soil-Nail Wall

Navigation of an Autonomous Robot Vehicle
The U.S. Air Force has developed an autonomous excavator capable of performing a variety of tasks at various Department of Defense facilities. Common to all the tasks is the need for autonomous...

Developing Plans for Robotic Excavators
We would like a robot excavator that is able to excavate a volume of soil according to specification. To this end we have developed a general method that can be used to provide prescriptions...

Intelligent Excavator Control for a Lunar Mining System
The benefits of utilizing local planetary resources are a large reduction in the cost of lifting materials from the earth's surface into earth orbit. Since the moon is one of the closest...

Simulation of Autonomous Robotic Excavation

Control Model for Robotic Backhoe Excavation and Obstacle Handling
Excavation of soil and rock is a high volume and repetitive construction operation. Robots, which are suitable for incessant and repeated manipulations, can find many potential applications....

The Challenge of Mining He-3 on the Lunar Surface: How All the Parts Fit Together
After the initial confirmation of the existence of He-3 on the lunar surface in 1985, there has been a flurry of activity both in the U.S. and abroad to find the best method of garnering...

An Overview of Shotcrete Usage on the SSC
Shotcrete has been widely used on the Superconducting Super Collider for initial support of tunnel excavations in both the strong and weak rock formations encountered. Different types...

Tug Fork Flood Plain Modifications and Wetlands Mitigation
The West Virginia Department of Highways (WVDOH) is using a two stage channel excavation concept to mitigate the hydraulic impacts of relocating U.S. Route 119. The selected highway alignment...

A Tunnel Boring System for the Yucca Mountain Project

Microtunneling Techniques to Form an Insitu Barrier Around Existing Structures

Application of Heavy Duty Roadheaders for Underground Development of the Yucca Mountain Exploratory Study Facility

Development of a Mechanical Alcove Excavator for the Yucca Mountain Exploratory Study Facility

Novel, Low-Vibration Excavation Techniques for Underground Radioactive Waste Storage

Excavation Damage and Organic Growth in a 1.2m Diameter Borehole

Prediction of Ground Deformations Due to Excavation-Application to Tunnel Lining Design in Weak Rock
Prediction of ground deformations due to excavations is simulated by three dimensional non-linear finite element analyses. It considers various in-situ ground stress levels, excavation...

Deformations About Excavations in Highly Stressed Rock
The central business district of Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), is dominated by the Hawkesbury Sandstone, a Triassic sedimentary formation. Measurements have confirmed the existence of...

Contracting for Tiedback Walls on a Design-Build Basis





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