Stability and Deflections of Braced Columns with Three Unequal Spans

A Discrete Plastic Zone Model for Second-Order Frame Analysis

Design of Proof-Mass Vibration Controllers for High-Rise Buildings via LQR Equivalance Consideration

Solution Methods for Structures with Random Properties Subject to Random Excitation

Finite Rotation Effects in 3-D Frame Analysis

Nonlinear Composite Plate Displacements Considering Transverse Shear

Spread-Plastic Member Models for Inelastic Analysis of Structures

Behavior of Buried Large Thin Wall Flexible Pipe - Field Test and Numerical Analysis Considered With Stage of Construction of Buried Flexible Pipe

Stress Relaxation in Constantly Deflected PE Pipes

Evaluation of Abutment Stiffness in a Short Bridge Overcrossing During Strong Ground Shaking

Pile Foundation Stiffness as a Function of Free-Field or Near-Field Soil Strain

Modeling Passive Earth Pressure for Bridge Abutments

New Portable Device Measures Soil Stiffness

Structural Safety Evaluation of Gerber Arch Dam

Finite Element Procedures for Early-Age Concrete Considering Environmental Effects

Performance of the Menai Straits Bridge Before and After Reconstruction

Stiffness and Strength of Bracing for Compression Members

PR Connected Frames in Seismic Zones

Nonlinear Analysis of Stiffened Laminated Cylindrical Shells Using the Layerwise Theory of Reddy
The layerwise shell theory of Reddy is used to develop the buckling and the postbuckling equations of circular cylindrical shells reinforced by means of axial and ring stiffeners and subject...

Externally Stiffened I-Beam to Box-Column Connections
This paper is concerned with I-beam to Box-column connections stiffened externally. Experimental and theoretical findings on full-scale connection models are highlighted. The performance...





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