Reliability of Operation of the Volga Water-Resource System Under Global Climate Change Conditions

GMRES Solution of the Mild-Slope Equation on Quadtree Grids

Normalizing Rainfall/Debris-Flow Thresholds Along the U. S. Pacific Coast for Long-Term Variations in Preciptation Climate

Slush Lahar Hazards on the Flank of Mt. Fuji - A History and Perspective on Climatic Change

Activity of Debris-Flow Processes in the Baikal Region During the Recent Centuries

Potential Changes of Mudflow Phenomena Due to Global Warming

Prototype Monitoring Study of Wave Climate and Beach Profile in the Surfzone

Neptune--An Integrated Approach to Determining NW European Coastal Extremes

Robustness of Reservoir Storage Reallocation Decisions to Climate Change

Policy and Engineering Decision-making under Global Change: Case of the Upper Rio Grande River Basin

Fuzzy Rule-Based Estimation of Flood Probabilities under Climatic Fluctuations

Analyzing Drought with a Simplified Climate Model
A simplified climate model with combined atmospheric-hydrologic processes has been developed at the University of California Davis for the study of physical processes related to drought....

Development of a Regional Atmospheric-Hydrologic Model for the Study of Climate Change in California
An integrated model of atmospheric and hydrologic processes at regional scale over California has been developed in order to translate the large scale atmospheric conditions of critical...

System of River Floods Warning in Ukraine
The diversity of climatic, geomorphologic, and soil conditions causes significant space differences in the conditions of river flood formation in Ukraine. The Carpathians region is the...

Looking for Evidence of Climatic Change in Streamflow Time Series
The principle of stationarity of a streamflow time series has been very commonly assumed in the analysis of hydrologic time series. Some common types of non-stationarity in time series,...

The Effect of Climatic Change on Hydrologic Variables
There has been increasing concern about the threat of global warming affecting the earth's climate. This warming scenario, called the greenhouse effect, is believed to be...

Climate Change: What the North American Water Engineer Should Know
Long-range forecasts of future global warming have been made based on the increase in carbon dioxide and trace gases in the air from human activities. Potential changes which would especially...

Streamflows Prediction Models for the Colombian Generation System Considering El Niño Effect
A monthly and a daily prediction models for some Colombian rivers with hydropower developments were developed and implemented. Several monthly streamfiow prediction models are presented....

Public Attitudes, Behavior, and the Willingness to Sacrifice to Mitigate Uncertain Adversity: Water Management Implications for Climate Change
Although several scholars have touted the emergence of a new environmentalism, many Americans seem to make decisions that do not reflect green thinking. Examples include driving more miles...

Modeling Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources
As part of the Electric Power Research Institute's (EPRI) comprehensive evaluation of the economic effects of climate change in the United States, we have developed methods...





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