Forcing Function and Climate Change
A system framework for investigating the effect of climate change in the upper Rio-Grande river basin, New Mexico, is developed. The forcing function or input into a climate change model...

Integrated Hydrological/Ecological/Economic Modeling for Examining the Vulnerability of Water Resources to Climate Change
A methodology for assessing regional-scale hydrologic vulnerability to climate variability which incorporates ecologic and economic factors is presented. A simple economic model of damages...

Performance Assessment Modeling of the Proposed Genting Island Repository Facility

Biosphere FEP List Development Specific to Yucca Mountain

Regulatory Perspective on Future Climates at Yucca Mountain

Understanding How to Maintain Compliance in the Current Regulatory Climate

Water Use Recession in San Diego Region
Water use in the San Diego region was studied using historical records collected over a period of a half century. The results indicated that the water use in this region was historically...

Water-Related Hazards: India's Experiences
The geographical position of India (N 8° and 37°; E 70° and 97°) and its physical features are such that a variety of climatic conditions prevail over different parts of the country. Its...

Impacts of Climate Change in the Missouri River Basin
The Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) is being used as a base model to simulate the Missouri River basin for prediction of the impacts of climate change on water resources in the region....

The Use of Hydrologic Budget Techniques in Assessing Site Suitability for Wetland Creation
This paper discusses the general concepts and benefits of using of hydrologic budget techniques to describe the typical hydrologic conditions that might be expected at prospective site...

Stochastic Snow Load Process Model from Daily Climatological Data

A Strength Sensitivity Index for Assessing Climate Warming Effects on Permafrost

Northern Climate Weathering Tests on Sealed Concrete

Regulatory Assessment of Evapotranspiration at Yucca Mountain

Moisture Removal from the Repository by Ventilation and Impacts on Design

Public Attitudes, Behavior, and the Willingness to Sacrifice to Mitigate Uncertain Adversity: Water Management Implications for Climate Change
Although several scholars have touted the emergence of a new environmentalism, many Americans seem to make decisions that do not reflect green thinking. Examples include driving more miles...

Adapting Water Resources of the Canadian Prairies under the impact of Climatic Warming
Given that future droughts could become more frequent and more severe because of climatic warming, this paper discusses some strategies to manage and to develop the water resources of...

Analyzing Drought with a Simplified Climate Model
A simplified climate model with combined atmospheric-hydrologic processes has been developed at the University of California Davis for the study of physical processes related to drought....

Robustness of Reservoir Storage Reallocation Decisions to Climate Change

Prototype Monitoring Study of Wave Climate and Beach Profile in the Surfzone





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