Pedestrian Wind Climate and Water Transport

Economic Effects of Climate Change on U.S. Water Resources

Understanding How to Maintain Compliance in the Current Regulatory Climate

Geoenvironmental Problems in Costa Rica

Alternative Barrier Layers for Surface Covers in Dry Climates

El Niño Effect on Columbian Hydrology Practice

Hydrological Impacts of Climate Changes on a Semi-Arid Region of Brazil

Climate Change: What the Water Engineer Should Know

Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources in Jamaica

Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Services using Weather and Climate Forecasts

Climate Change Effects on Yaqui Valley Agriculture

Anatomy of the Extraordinary Drought at the United States-Mexico Border

Monterey Breakwater: 60 Years of Satisfactory Performance From Undersized Armor Stone

Earthen Covers for Semi-Arid and Arid Climates

Neural Networks for Prediction of Watershed Runoff

The Duca di Galliera Breakwater of the Port of Genova

Is It Possible to Colonize Mars?
Is it possible to colonize the planet Mars? A planet that is believed to be the most clement planet in the solar system, next to Earth. Despite the fact that it is a very clement planet,...

Biosphere II - Its Effects on Space Colonization
In the middle of the Arizona desert, a strange sight can be seen. A small world with ecosystems and different climate zones, just like Earth, is enclosed in glass and steel. The 3.15 acre...

Directional Wave Data – Measurements and Modeling Coast of Florida Erosion and Storm Effects Study
The U.S. Army of Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District, and the Florida Department of Enviromental Protection are co-sponsors of a study to evaluate the coastal processes along the...

Measured Total Wave Climate of a Small Craft Harbor
Measurements of waves in a small craft harbor were analyzed for the purpose of determining the existing wave climate energy levels causing the excessive agitation of moored small craft...





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