Wood Floor Joist Rupture and System Serviceability

Fatigue Lives of Bridge Repairs

Decay of Residual Stress in Stochastic Fatigue

Life Cycle Costing - Definition

John Frazier, 81, Dies; Topeka Consultant was Board Member

Bart to the Future
Construction has reached the midway point on the $2.7 billion San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District Extensions Program. The first three extensions, due to open in 1995, will expand...

Impacts of NAFTA on the Practice and Licensing of Civil Engineers

SFEM-Based Evaluation of Strength and Serviceability Requirements

Two-Stage Fatigue Model for Asphalt Concrete

GAO Says Feds Should Help States Experiment with Highways on Warranties, Improve Maintenance Programs and Refine Life-Cycle Costs

Air-Supported Roof Redux
Long-span, low profile, air-supported roofs have been dramatic additions to a dozen public arenas built in the 1970s and early 1980s. The advantages of these roofs were overshadowed by...

Forging the Link
The Southern California region is known as the freeway capital of the world. The transportation system has been based on the freedom of the individual automobile for more than 25 years....

CADD-Based Construction Information Management for Corps of Engineers Projects

Suitability of ER Method for Composite Materials Data

Jerome S. B. Iffland, 66, Dies; Headed New York Consulting Firm

Life-Cycle Cost Implications of a System Using Bare SNF Transfer

When Should PCCP With Interface Class IV Wire Be Replaced?

Guidelines for Field Evaluations of Pothole Repairs
Prepared by the Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center, a CERF Service Center. This report describes the HITEC evaluation plan for Bondade,...

Bridge Design: Reality Bites Back
Many bridge engineers tend to ignore the process nature of reality, the fact that everything in this universe changes from moment to moment. When they are given the responsibility for...

Assessment of Centerville Powerhouse Penstocks





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