Tensile Sculpture

Changes and Future Trends in the National Design Specifications for Wood Construction and Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Specifications

Multi-Criteria Conceptual Design Using Adaptive Computing

Micro-Surfacing for Airfield Asphalt Pavements

Effect of Specimen Size on Resilient Characteristics of Pavement Materials

Using Wind Design Criteria to Gauge Seismic Performance

Design Issues for Temporary Containment Structures in the Ship Building and Repair Industries

The Role of the Construction Engineer in the Design of Temporary Structures for Construction in the Power Generation, Process, and Petrochemical Industries

Composite Structural System for an 88-Story Tower

Combining Earthquake and Other Loads in Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)

A Simplified Design Procedure for End- and Base-Plates of Traffic Support Structures

Issues Related to Achieving Qualitative Improvements in Reliability Assessment in Structural Design

Revisions of the Superpave Binder Specifications to Include Modified Binders

Where Can I Find Wood Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Instruction?

Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) in Structural Steel: Status and the Future

Critical Review of Fully Probabilistic Design for Seismic Loadings

Analysis of Bridges: What Do the Numbers Really Mean?

Opportunities in Asia
An Assessment of Construction Trends, Needs, and Potential Collaborations
Prepared by Civil Engineering Research Foundation. This book presents findings of a 1996 technology assessment mission to East Asia that examined the...

Man-Machine Balanced Crack Sealing Process for UT Automated Road Maintenance Machine

Design Factors for the Next-Generation Highway Data Vehicle





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