Waste of Water Is Costly. Why Not Use an Accurate Flow Monitoring System?
Water becomes more and more a precious good. Therefore the exact measurement of flow of water, the management of water and process control in connection with water will become more and...

Retrofit of Black Butte Hydroelectric Project Penstock

San Diego's Historic Dulzura Conduit: New Solutions

Electronic Modeling of Underground Piping Systems

Guidelines for Evaluating Aging Penstocks
Guidelines for Evaluating Aging Penstocks is intended to provide a useful guide to information and engineering techniques for evaluating aging...

Choice of Pipes for Micro Tunnels

Structural Performance Criteria for Fitness-for-Service Evaluations of Underground Natural Gas Pipelines

Cost Effective Corrosion Mitigation

Subsurface Utility Engineering: Upgrading the Quality of Utility Information

Structural Investigation of Penstock Y-Branch

Assessment of Centerville Powerhouse Penstocks

Black Creek Hydro Project High-line Cable Penstock Installation

Saxon Falls Dam Rehabilitation

Penstock Leakage at the Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant—Investigation, Design, and Construction

A New Intelligent Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Closed Conduits and Open Channels

Steel Penstock Rehabilitation Strategies

Dinorwig Power Station Replacement of the Main Inlet Valve Trunnion Bearings with the Penstock Pressurised

Penstock Evaluation Using Risk Assessment Methodologies

Assessment Methodology for Steel Penstocks

Uniform Fluid Induction Through Perforated Conduits





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