Dinorwig Power Station Replacement of the Main Inlet Valve Trunnion Bearings with the Penstock Pressurised

Penstock Evaluation Using Risk Assessment Methodologies

Assessment Methodology for Steel Penstocks

Penstock Leak Detection Using Accurate Flow Monitoring Systems

Mapping 2-D and 3-D Velocity Components in Circular Conduits Using an Electromagnetic Current Meter and a 5-Hole Pilot Probe
The techniques presented in this paper facilitate the visualization of the two-dimensional and three-dimensional flow fields at arbitrary sections in a conduit. They have been used to...

Void Fraction Measurement Techniques for Gas-Liquid Bubbly Flows in Closed Conduits; A Literature Review
This paper provides a review of void fraction measuring techniques for gas-liquid bubbly flows in closed conduits with emphasis on the suitability of these methods for air-water bubbly...

Concrete Arch Bridges for Supporting Steel Conduits of Mingtan Pumped Storage Project
For the Mingtan Pumped Storage Project of an installed capacity of 1600 MW, two parallel waterways have been constructed for conveying flows between the upper reservoir and the lower reservoir...

Cable-in-Conduit Superconductors for MAGLEV Magnet Systems
A major advantage of using a Nb3Sn Cable-in-Conduit Conductor (CICC) for MAGLEV lies in its demonstrated capability to operate in supercritical helium....

Steel Penstocks
Steel Penstocks, ASCE Manuals and Reports on Engineering Practice No. 79 covers the design, manufacture, installation, testing, startup, and...

Computational Hydraulics?The Systems Approach
This paper introduces two modern computational hydraulic computer programs that combine the calculated subcritical and supercritical water surface profiles and pressure gradients in open...

Hydraulic Model Studies of Y-Branch
Hydraulic model studies were made for the Y-branch steel penstock located in a vertical bend. The model tests were performed for various modes of pumping and generating operation. The...

A Seven-year Review of Bath County Power Tunnel Performance

Guidelines for Evaluating Aging Penstocks

Development of an Integrated Hydraulic-Electrical Model for Hydropower Plant

Design criteria for the Kents Falls Penstock

Concrete Penstock Leakage, Investigation of Causes and Rehabilitation Options

Fort Peck - Power Plant No. 1 Penstock Replacement

Replacement of the Wood Stave Penstock and Turbine Runners at Tuxedo Hydro Plant

Repair of Cracking in High Head (2,378?) Penstock

New Low Cost Surface Preparation Process for Relining Existing Penstocks





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