Numerical Simulation of Flow in a Channel with a Wavy Sidewall

The Analysis of Rotor-Stator Interaction Phenomena in a Pump-Turbine

Real Time Control of River Water Quality for Hydroelectric Operation

The Development of the Simulated Study on Structural Vibration Induced by Discharge Flow Energy

The Virtual Fish Concept: Numerical Prediction of Fish Passage Through Hydraulic Powerplants

Evaluating the Hydraulic Performance of Fish Passage Structures

Application of TELEMAC 2D Software to Dimensioning Hydraulic Structures: Case of the Mesce Dam

Specialty Seminar S.6 Hydroinformatics for Control, Management and Risk Assessment

Backcalculation of Asphalt-Overlaid Concrete Pavements

Using Forensic Engineering Techniques to Obtain Data from the Oklahoma City Bombing

Persistence Prevents a Mishap: Lessons Learned

Misunderstanding Computer Data Accuracy Leads to Project Rework: Two Case Studies

Use and Misuse of Catastrophe Risk Analysis Software

Computer Misuse—Are We Dealing with a Time Bomb? Who is to Blame and What are We Doing about It?—A Panel Discussion

Computing in Civil Engineering
This proceedings, Computing in Civil Engineering, consists of papers presented at the Fourth Congress held in conjunction with A/E/C/ SYSTEMS...

The Future of the Mechanical Construction Industry

Analysis of Productivity on a Tunnel Operation Using Computer Simulation

Using Palm-Top Computers in Teaching Materials Management

Photogrammetry: An Old Science Comes of Age

Equipment Selection by Dynamic Programming





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