A Decision Support System for the High Aswan Dam

Water Tariffs & Water Banking Operating Rules and Guidelines for Lake Kariba

Turbine Flow Measurement at Kariba Dam

Database Applications: Dam Safety and Maintenance

Comparison Between Different Reliability Techniques to Calculate the Standard Deviation of the Predicted Traffic: A Case Study from Egypt

Rainwater Collection and Utilization as a Potential Resource for Urban Areas

The Okavango River Basin

Managing Water Scarcity Through Man-Made Rivers

Desilting of Water Reservoirs in Algeria by Dredging. Study Case: The Fergug Reservoir

Sustainable Development, Botswana Style
A sustainable development project in Botswana, Africa, collected information on industrial wastes. Sustainable development is defined as development that meets the needs of the present...

Seismic Activities Around Lake Kariba

On Housing Administration and Legislation of Egypt

Numerical Morphodynamic Modelling of Keta Lagoon

Challenges and Opportunities in Egypt's Integrated Water Resources Strategy
Egypt's Nile irrigation system is a very complicated, old operated, continuously expanding system. It may be also described as a highly productive irrigated agriculture system....

Game Model Approach to Multi-Purpose/Multi-Objective Water Resources Related Environmental Protection Project Planning and Management in Developing Nations: A Nigerian Example
The best has not been realised from water resources related environmental protection projects in Nigeria due to problems militating against such projects at the planning, management and...

Environmental Improvement in Southern Africa
Cross-border environmental projects in southern Africa are identified and discussed. The complexity of coordinating multinational standards, combined with the region's extreme...

Managing the Impacts of Storm Surges on Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Victoria Island is one of the barrier islands along the Nigerian Coast. The others are Lagos, Lekki, Ikovi, and Badagry. A general characteristic of these barrier islands in Nigeria is...

A Combined Physical and Mathematical Modeling Scheme for Kapichira Hydropower Project, Malawi
A physical model and a mathematical model were used to study the flow patterns in a reservoir having a complicated bathymetry. The physical model measurements were compared with the predictions...

The History of Coastal Engineering in South Africa

Water Balance of the Niger Basin
A map-based method is used to construct a monthly water balance model of the 2.3 million km Niger River basin in West Africa. The watersheds and stream network within the basin are derived...





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