Optimization for Overall Stability
This paper synthesizes design of trusses for linear stability constraint as an optimization problem where linear stability is defined as a generalized eigenvalue problem and presents a...

Case Studies in Upgrading of Wood Trusses and a Heavy Timber Building
Three case studies in upgrading and rehabilitation of wood structures are presented. One case study relates to three 30m (100ft) span bowstring trusses that had to be cut at various span...

Experimental Assessment of Performance of Bridges
Among the papers in this book, five assessed the global bridge behavior and the three concentrated on bridge decks. The bridges assessed include prestressed steel plate girder and truss...

Staggered Truss Adapted to High Rise
The 34-floor Nashville Convention Center Hotel required a structural system that would overcome the tendency to vibrate in the wind. The solution was a modified staggered frame truss,...

Continuum Modeling of Periodic Truss Structures
Procedures for deriving equivalent stiffnesses for an extended Timoshenko beam used to represent truss beams are presented. A typical substructure of a truss is used to calculate these...

Preliminary Collapse Analysis of a Space Truss

Microcomputer Engineering of Large Space Trusses

Reinforcing Roof Truss Frames Under Load
Without altering the roof structure of an industrial boiler plant, a long-span steel truss frame was modified in place to support heavier loads. The owners of an industrial boiler plant...

Strength and Stiffness Characteristics of Steel Ladder-Type Cable Trays
Ladder-type cable trays identical with the as-built are generally tested to establish their strength and stiffness characteristics. Test data for systems in operating plants, however,...

Full-Scale Investigation of Tall Mast Vibrations

Vibration Analysis and Earthquake Response of Space Truss

A Numerical Method for Solving Poisson's Equations and Double Poisson's Equations

Wave Propagation in Plane Trusses and Frames

Wood Trusses and Other Manufactured Structural Components
Roof trusses, floor trusses, wood I and box beams, and glued-laminated timber are discussed. Some of the major recommendations for future research include improved analytical techniques...

Session Report on Trusses and Manufactured Structural Components

Inventory and Evaluation Techniques Used for Historic Bridges in Virginia

Roof Truss Collapse: A Case History and Analysis

Collapse Analysis of Space Trusses

X-Brace Truss Stiffness Matrix Analysis of Roofs

Buckling of Curved Space Trusses





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