Mathematical Modelling of Intermediate Trusses

Advances in Analytical Modeling of Torsional Members
The basic formula for calculating the torsional strength of reinforced concrete members was developed by Rausch (1929) using the space truss concept. Unfortunately, Rausch's equation may...

Space Truss
The International Space Station will be more than 310 ft (94 m) long when it is completed sometime in the next decade. The backbone of the structure is a hexagonal truss system that will...

Diagnostic Testing of a Unique Historic Bridge

Simultaneous Optimization of Topology and Nodal Locations of a Plane Truss Associated with a Bézier Curve

Continuum and Ground Structure Topology Methods for Concept Design of Structures

Analysis of Roof Truss for Underground Support

Seismic Analysis of a Truss-Arch Bridge across Mississippi River

Testing and Evaluation of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Truss Connections

Fatigue Evaluation through Field Testing

Responsibilities in the Construction Process Involving Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses

The Covered Bridges of Southwestern New Hampshire

Historic American Covered Bridges
Covered wooden bridges are a visual testament to the American spirit. Originally designed with roof-like covers to protect the exposed wood from the effects of sun and rain, these bridges...

Use of Genetic Algorithms for the Automated Design of Residential Steel Roof Trusses

Optimal Shape of Truss Structure Based on Reliability

Seismic Retrofitting of Major U.S. Bridges: Issues and Solutions

Innovative Long Span High Performance Steel Bridges

The Queensboro Bridge Complete Rehabilitation Program

The Tensile Polyhedral Structural System

Behaviour of Web Members of Composite Trusses





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