What�ll They Think of Next? Dewatering Contaminated Slurries Using Geotextile Tubes
Sediment must be dredged from the bottom of waterbodies to maintain their capacity and navigability. Dredging, by its nature, involves the removal of highwater-content slurries and also helps preserve...

Utah Treatment Facility Uses Ballasted Activated Sludge Process to Shrink Footprint, Costs

NewsBriefs: Research Shows New Use for Lime Sludge (Iowa State University)

Technology: Sludge and Wastewater May Be Used to Produce Cement

Weighing the Options
A unique sludge pipeline replacement project in Colorado gave the engineers and the owner an opportunity to compare the merits of three different project delivery methods....

Solar Energy Used to Dry Sludge

Drying System Transforms Sludge into Usable Material

Environmental: Activated Carbon Made from Sludge

Taking Treatment to the Extremes
Designing a wastewater treatment facility that meets current environmental guidelines can be challenging enough. But designing it so it can be shipped, constructed, operated, and maintained...

New System Processes Sludge for Beneficial Reuse

The ASCE Residuals Transport Manual

Feasibility of Land Application of Aerobically Digested Phosphorus-Laden Sludge: A Case Study

Sludge Minimization Using Aerobic/Anoxic Treatment Technology

The Binding Chemistry and Leaching Mechanisms of Zinc-Bearing Sludges in Cementitious Solidification/Stabilization Systems

Liquid Wastes and Industrial Sludge

Effect of Sole Nitrogen Sources and Temperature on Activated Sludge

Effect of Dissolved Solids on Freeze-Thaw Conditioning

Sewage Sludge Management at Eielson Air Force Base (AFB), Alaska

Creating Fuel Oil from Wastewater Sludge

San Diego Completes New Sludge Route





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