Seismic Behavior of Precast Parking Structure Diaphragms

Performance of Precast Parking Garages in the Northridge Earthquake: Lessons Learned

Ponding Study of January 1993 Storm Event within Airport Industrial Park, Oceanside, California
A water ponding study was conducted to investigate flooding that occurred during the January 16, 1993 storm event (the event) in the Oceanside Airport Industrial Park (the Park), located...

Retrofitting an Urban Watershed for Improved Water Quality
A study was conducted for the Baltimore County, Maryland, Department of Enviromnental Protection, to assess the watershed conditions and stream channel stability of Stemmer's...

Planning for Intermodal Access at American Airports

Parking Lot Corrosion Cure
The $3 million structural repair and restoration of a large post-tensioned parking structure required engineers to replace 2,400 tendons while keeping the parking garage in service. After...

Performance of Precast Parking Garages during the 1994 Northridge Earthquake

Waste Pile to Parking Lot: A Case Study

More Parking Above
Vertical expansion of six (6) new floors of parking garage on top of four (4) floors of existing structure that was built over three decades ago, adding 155,000 square foot of new structure....

Implications of Parking Policies in Employment Areas on Mode Choice and Land Use

Transportation Operations Planning for the Alamodome

Incorporating TDM Programs Into the Growth Management Process in the Washington DC Area

A Minimum Mars Mission Approach
The purpose of this paper is to identify the mission architecture required to perform a human exploration mission to Mars using a minimum amount of resources. This mission will send three...

Mixed-Use Business Park Developments in Space: A Real-Estate Paradigm
Standard terrestrial business-park development practice is proffered as a realistic organizational model for expanding human activity in Earth orbit. The histories, methods and biases...

Making an Olympic Stadium and a Baseball Park
A new dual-purpose stadium which reflects not only the classical origins of the Olympic Games, but also the tradition of baseball, is the architectural centerpiece for the 1996 Centennial...

Optimal Supply of Parking at Airports
The design capacity of parking facilities at airports is generally estimated in relation to one or more standard decision variable such as enplaning passengers, number of employees, and...

1993 Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park Census in Beatty and Pahrump, Nevada

The Evolving Role of Marinas as Public Marine Parks and Water Recreation Areas in Southern California 1960-1994

Master Planning -- Fact or Fiction

Design and Technological Opportunities at Waterparks: The Hyland Hills' Water World Experience





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