Fraser Lands Riverfront Park Shoreline Edge Treatments

P3 for Marinas, Parks & Recreation

Restoration of Lakes and Canals in an Urban Park - Belle Isle, Michigan

Financing Construction and Operation Costs for Parks and Recreation Facilities

Multiple Use Pier Facilities in Parks

Current Trends in Waterpark Development

Bender Park Development Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

The Day User

Linking Linear Greenways To Communities

Horticultural, Botanical & Environmental Resources

Milwaukee County Parks' Brown Deer Golf Course Lands P. G. A. Tour Event: A Gem of a Golf Course is Polished to a New Brilliance

Two Case Studies of Marine Parks & Marinas as Economic and Tourism Activity Stimulators in Brazil

Marine Recreation Project of the City of Yokohama - Marine Park and Hakkei Island -

Marinas, Parks and Recreation Developments
This proceedings, Marinas, Parks & Recreation Developments, contains papers presented at the International Conference sponsored by...

Framework and Status of the ASCE Parks & Recreation Planning Guide

A Decision Support System for the Operation of Joint-Use Parking
A prototype decision support system (DSS) developed for streamlining the operation of a joint-use parking program is discussed. The DSS involves a combined usage of geographic information...

A CADD Program for Simulating Turning Vehicles
The turning capability of one or more 'design' vehicles and their swept paths has a significant influence on the layout of transportation facilities such as roadway intersections, parking...

Seismic Stabilization of St. Joe State Park Tailings Dams
Tailings dams constructed by the `upstream' method are known to be seismically vulnerable, but field experience indicates that their seismic stability usually improves following termination...

Tourist Visitation Impacts of the Accident at Three Mile Island
This paper analyzes tourist impacts of the March 27, 1979, accident at Three Mile Island. A review of the literature, supplemented with recollections from Pennsylvanian public officials,...

Double Rock Park Stream Restoration Project
The Double Rock Park stream restoration is a pilot project for the Baltimore County, Maryland, Stream Restoration Program. The study assessed watershed conditions and the stream channel...





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