Considerations for a Multiple-Use Stormwater Detention Facility
A 60-year-old neighborhood provides the unusual setting for the City of Tulsa's Turner Park-Will Rogers High School Stormwater Detention Facility. The 20-acre site is located...

Golden Gate Park Conservatory

The Great Kills Park Timber Bulkhead

Deck Park Covers Phoenix Freeway
The last link in interstate I-10, the coast to coast highway from Florida to California, will be completed in Phoenix, Arizona in 1989. The last eleven-mile section through Phoenix has...

Public Beach and Recreational Improvements, Highland Park, Illinois

Importance, Establishment and Management Plan of the Parque Nacional Marinhos Dos Abrolhos, Brazil
On April 6th, 1983, the 'Parque Nacional Marinho dos Abrolhos' (PARNA) was created by a decree of the Brazilian Presidency. The PARNA was established with two...

Planner's Guide to PRT (and Small-Scale APM)

An Innovative People Mover for Low Capacity Transit Applications

Recent Gondola and Funicular Installations in Parks and Cities

Parking Garage Crisis
Corrosion in reinforced concrete parking garages is reaching crisis proportions. The rehabilitation market for these structures is estimated to be as much as $750 million a year, or 30%...

Coastal Planning and Conservation Policies in Italy

Linking Salt Lake City with Six Mountain Resorts

Breakwater Filtration System Design for Swim Basin

Beach Access—Florida Plans for the Future

Development of an Intertidal Ramp: An Innovative Approach to Shoreline Access

Environmental Impact of the Stranding of a Freighter Ship in the Parque Nacional Marinho Dos Abrolhos, Bahia, Brazil
The Abrolhos Marine National Park was created by presidential decree no. 88,218 of April 6, 1983 encompassing two distinct areas of the southern coast of the State of Bahia, Brazil, with...

Exploration of Personal Rapid Transit for Airports

People Movers in Suburban High Activity Centers

Parks on the Waterfront: Confluence of Mandate and Need

The Impact of War on Environmental Management in Sri Lanka





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