After the Rain Has Fallen
Ground Water Management Symposium
This proceedings, After the Rain Has Fallen, is a collection of technical papers presented at the Ground Water Management Symposium held in...

Sustainability Criteria for Water Resource Systems
This committee report, Sustainability Criteria for Water Resource Systems, addresses the need and challenge to reexamine our approaches to...

Water Resources Engineering '98
This proceedings, Water Resources Engineering 98, contains summaries of papers presented at the 1998 International Water Resources Engineering...

Coordination, Change Key to Water Resources Future

Oregon Hospital Braces for Natural Disaster

Natural Hazard Mitigation

An Ocean of Love

Beyond Whale Watching-the Future of Ecotourism

Using Public/Private Partnerships to Enhance the Resource Value of San Francisco Bay Wetlands: The Role of Ports

Marine Protected Areas, Ecosystem Management, and Ocean Governance: Making Pieces of Different Puzzles Fit Together (without a Hammer)

California and International Conservation of Large Ocean Fishes of the Pacific Ocean

Closing the Loop on Natural Resources: Governance Lessons from the Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project

Assessment of California's Ocean Wave Energy Recovery

The Economic Value of Coastal Resources and Coastal Conservation

The Economic Valuation of Coastal Resources: Methods and Applications

Economic Assessment of Seven Ocean-Dependent Activities

An Economic Evaluation of Beaches in California

Cooperative Fisheries Research in Developing Management Strategies: Case Studies of Three California Fisheries

Farming the California Seas

World Fisheries and California Fisheries Management





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