Global Cities: Urban Environments in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and China, By Robert Gottlieb and Simon Ng. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press, 2017

Transporting Hong Kong
In response to a mobile, rapidly growing population, Hong Kong's Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation is constructing West Rail, a HK$51.7 billion (U.S.$6.7 billion), 30.5 km...

Side Shear of Large Diameter Drilled Shafts in Weathered Geomaterials

Socioeconomic Characteristics, Land Use and Travel Patterns: Development Coordination of New Towns in Hong Kong
Hong Kong has an extensive network of roads in the New Territories, in Kowloon, and on Hong Kong Island. Road-base public transport includes franchised buses, 16-seat mini-buses and taxis....

Pearl River Estuary Pollution Project (PREPP): An Integrated Approach

The Transportation System for the New Hong Kong International Airport
The decision by the Hong Kong Government in 1989 to relocate the city airport at Kai Tak had resulted in the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken in Hong Kong in recent times....

Hong Kong's Public Transport System: Harmonizing Choice, Diversity and Urban Integration
The benefits of integrating railways with land use planning and active urban development and why this is rather successfully achieved in Hong Kong are discussed. The people of Hong Kong...

Opportunities in Asia
An Assessment of Construction Trends, Needs, and Potential Collaborations
Prepared by Civil Engineering Research Foundation. This book presents findings of a 1996 technology assessment mission to East Asia that examined the...

LRT Priority at Congested Intersections: Case Study of Hong Kong LRT

A Transit Passenger Flow Control Model on KCR

An Optimal Network Design Tool for Additional Cross Links

Ma Wan Submarine Crossing Using Horizontal Directional Drilling

Hong Kong Rail Transportation Links

Hong Kong MTR Corporation Airport Railway

Wind Engineering Studies for the Ting Kau Bridge, Hong Kong

Multi-Layer Simulation of Sediment Transport Around a Breakwater

A Quantitative Risk Assessment and Risk Management Methodology for Natural Terrain in Hong Kong

Towngas Lantau Link Beach Approach Hong Kong & China Gas Co. Ltd.

Advances in Structural Optimization
A compilation of twenty papers, Advances in Structural Optimization features recent contributions from the United States, Japan, Canada, and...

Hong Kong Flies into the Future
Hong Kong's new airport, Chek Lap Kok, is scheduled to open in 1997. That is the year in which China takes over the government of Hong Kong from Great Britain. The airport,...





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