A Tale of Two Bids
In early 1992, the Escambia County Utilities Authority determined that its 2 mgd Avondale Wastewater Treatment Plant should be expanded to 8 mgd to meet the growing needs of the Pensacola,...

Balancing Act
The cable-stayed $69 million Glebe Island Bridge in Sydney was built using a combination of one rolling frame and one form traveler instead of a more orthodox two or four form traveler...

Tunneling Against Time (Available only in the Geoenvironmental Special Issue)
The phenomenal growth of Las Vegas has prompted nearly $1 billion worth of water-supply projects. A $33 million tunnel scheme�a critical element of the new construction�is on pace. The...

Fatigue Evaluations in Steel Bridges Using Field Monitoring Equipment

A Nine Pipe Jacked Crossing of I-93 in Downtown Boston

WATSim Micro-Simulation: I-780/I-680/I-80 Corridor

Beating Swords into Slot Machines
In 1995, some New York engineers were given an assignment to build a casino for the Mohegan tribe in Connecticut from the remnants of an old nuclear reactor manufacturing facility. In...

Computerized Machinery Design for Bascule Bridges

Recapitalization Investment Analysis

Upgrading Hydroelectric Generator Protection Using Digital Technology

Generator Field Pole Structural Analysis and Testing

Analysis of Raccoon Mountain Generator Overheating

Cooling and Uprate Analysis of Hydro Generators

How Much Can You Cut Out of Your Generator and Still Operate?

Electrical Features - Duke's Hydro Upgrade Program

A Digital Synchronizer/Governor

Improving Performance of Generator Coolers

Montgomery Point Lock and Dam Navigable Pass Gate Equipment

Development of a Rating System for the Selection of Greaseless Bushings

Hydro Power Monitoring (HPM) - The HPM Concept - An Integrated Machinery Condition Monitoring System for Large Hydro Machinery Applications





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