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A Pile’s Journey

Risk in Geotechnical Practice: Geotechnical Judgment
People use judgment in every aspect of their lives. We rely on our judgments to make decisions that can have consequences from small to large on ourselves and on others, sometimes with life-threatening...

Risk in Geotechnical Practice: Are Design Professionals Liable for Failing to Anticipate the Effects of Climate Change?…
Climate change is the result of rising greenhouse gasses from a century and a half of development and industrialization around the world. The inability of the global community to reduce greenhouse gas...

Risk in Geotechnical Practice: Whose Risk Is It Anyway?
The U.S. territory of Puerto Rico was once the fifth-largest region in the world for manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, including many of the top global producers. In 2016, the pharmaceutical exports...

Risk in Geotechnical Practice: Unraveling Foundation Uncertainty
Statistical Analysis Offers a Rational Approach for Controlling Foundation Risk in Design-Build Projects. For the past 20 years, design-build (DB) procurement has become the default for many transportation...

Risk in Geotechnical Practice: Dealing With Uncertain Ground
Tools for identifying and managing risk in geotechnical engineering projects. Risk is an inherent component of all types of projects, no matter the size or discipline. Geotechnical engineering projects...

Engineering an Uncertain Future

A Positive Start to the New Year

Owner Loses, But Who Wins?

FCC Will Move Forward with Plan to Revamp Traffic Safety Spectrum

Round Out the Technical Skills With Personal Creativity

Cornell University Pipeline-Testing Lab Harnesses Student Talent

San Francisco Prepares for Sea-Level Rise on Several Fronts

LEED Positive Program Aims to Increase Environmental Benefits From Buildings

Engineers Design Innovative

Cities Call for Federal Infrastructure Investment in 2020





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