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G-I Underground Engineering and Construction Committee Update

Rodgers to Serve as Region 6 LIC Representative

For who the Bell Tolls

Recognizing Value in Site Characterization — How Cool Would That Be?

Richard J. Finno, PhD, PE, D.GE, Life.M.ASCE

Your Numerical Model Begins at the Site Investigation — Phase Improving the Suitability of Numerical Geotechnical Modeling
The success of an advanced geotechnical numerical analysis depends foremost on a thorough geologic and geotechnical understanding of the site, and thus the geometric definition and adequacy of input parameters...

When AI Meets DIGGS — The Birth of a New Site Characterization Paradigm?
Drilling and sampling to obtain borehole logs, together with various in-situ testing, are usually performed to determine subsurface soil and rock profiles and their associated engineering properties. However,...

Bring Your A-GaME! and Dominate the Field [Investigation] — As Newer Technologies Mature and Are Adopted More Widely — It’s A Whole New Ball Game Out There
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), in collaboration with industry partners, is helping state DOTs take their existing geotechnical site characterization programs to the next level. Technologies...

Practical Aspects Of Routine Geotechnical Site Investigations — They Should Be Anything But Boring!
It’s likely that on any given day there are hundreds of geotechnical site investigations in progress in North America alone. While many of these investigations are carried out in support of large projects,...

Pay Now, Or Pay Later — Using A Risk-Informed Mindset for Site Investigation Decisions
How much subsurface investigation is adequate to aid in the planning and design of a construction project? It’s a question every geo-professional must grapple with, particularly in an era where cost efficiency...

Joseph J. Lifrieri, PhD, PE, D.GE, CPG, PMP, PP, F.ASCE

Kirk Carr Ellison, PhD, PE, GE, M.ASCE

News from Aero Aggregates

ECS Announces New Chief Operating Officer

Exponent Welcomes New Hire

New Faces at Geopier





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