Intelligent Geo-Construction Drilling Equipment: Delivering More Than Meets the Eye

by Antonio Marinucci, Ph.D., (M.ASCE), President of V2C Strategists LLC, based in New York, NY.,,
Franz-Werner Gerressen, Director of the Method Development Department at BAUER Maschinen GmbH, Germany.,,

Serial Information: Geo-Strata —Geo Institute of ASCE, 2021, Vol. 25, Issue 3, Pg. 36-45

Document Type: Feature article

Abstract: The complexity, risk, and demands of engineered geo-structural projects have increased, seemingly exponentially, through the years. Physical and capital resources to deliver such projects, however, have not kept pace due to myriad factors, including financial constraints, labor availability, regulations, and compressed project schedules. More recently, the increased capabilities of technology (e.g., integrated software platforms, robotics, and AI/machine learning) and its proliferation has pulled the geo-construction industry forward, in either a celebrated or begrudged manner, depending on one�s viewpoint. Regardless, technology does offer many benefits along with shortcomings, but there will only be continued demand going forward (e.g., BIM, real-time remote monitoring, 4D/5D computer modeling with integrated scheduling and costing, and drone sensing).

Subject Headings: Project management | Computer models | Uncrewed vehicles | Sensors and sensing | Scheduling | Laws and regulations | Labor


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