Women in Engineering
Professional Life
Women in Engineering: Professional Life illuminates the professional lives of today's women engineers through articles, lectures,...

Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction
The Journal accepts papers and articles spanning legal issues and litigation pertaining to all areas of engineering and construction, including contract law and interpretation; professional liability and...

Comprehensive Optimization for Operation Division of Labor of Yards at Two-way Marshaling Station

Fatal Accidents and Labor Effectiveness: The Brazilian Case

Fish Bioacoustics: Considerations for Hydropower Industry Workers

Intranetted Management of Water Resources

The Construction Labor Force in the 21st Century

Effect of Change Orders on Labor Productivity

Construction Opportunities and Practices in Canada

Integrated Labor Cost Control Systems

Planned and Unplanned Schedule Compression: The Impact on Labor Productivity

Salting: Construction Unions' Attack on Nonunion Contractors

Wetland Mitigation Evaluation Ten Years After Florida Keys Bridge Replacement
From 1912 to 1935, the Florida Keys were connected to the mainland by Henry Flagler's Overseas Railroad. The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane destroyed most of the railroad from Plantation...

Implementing the Knowledge Worker System (KWS) in an Engineering Environment

Future Prospects for Equipment Resource Management

Workers' Compensation Management in Construction

Automated Labor and Equipment Card (ALEC)

Demands and Satisfiers for Automation and Robotics in Construction: Differences Between Japan and the United States
The construction industries in Japan and the United States face problems of productivity, quality, safety, and skilled labor shortages. Automation and robotics are often proposed as solutions...

Functional Analysis: The Path to Effective Training
The regulatory requirements under which the Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project (YMP) operates mandate that worker proficiency be achieved and maintained. Individuals performing...

Information Integrated Construction (IIC)
The term 'INFORMATION INTEGRATED CONSTRUCTION (IIC)' was coined to describe the integration of construction information and practice through computer technology. We define information...





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