Innovative Use of a Groin Structure: Saving Cost, Shortening the Schedule, and Minimizing Impacts
Almost any type of construction activity can pose a shock to the surrounding environment and habitat. Obviously, the extent of the impact will depend on the location of the project and...

Advances in RiverWare as a Scheduling, Forecasting and Operational Tool

Lessons Learned from Experience Dealing with Risks of Extreme Events: Part I
The five speakers in this session talked about a wide variety of topics, including schedule dependencies in hurricane preparedness, knowledge mapping across networks, extreme events in...

Residential Land Development Practices
A Textbook on Development Land Into Finished Lots
This manual is the first of its type to instruct the reader on residential land development practices. This step-by-step description of the land development process is based on the professional...

Estimating, Scheduling, and Producing the Manual
Producing an O&M manual can be a challenge. All activities must be coordinated properly and the manual production team must work together to get the job done on time and within...

SPSA/SIMMOD Optimization of Air Traffic Delay Cost

On Optimizing Maintenance Schedules by Reliability Based Optimization

Model Deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems: The AZTech Experience

Automated Paratransit Scheduling Using KBGIS

Scheduled Departure
A busy, growing international airport constructs a new international terminal with upper and lower level access roads and expands its parking garage without interrupting services. The...

Network Hierarchy Parallel Algorithm of Automatic Train Scheduling

Evaluation of Activity Schedules Policies With the Use of Innovative Dynamic Traffic Models

Train Headway Models and Carrying Capacity of IRS

End-Run Scheduling to Beat Cold Weather Costs

Constraint-Based Database for Work Package Scheduling

The Impact of 3-D Visualization on Construction Planning

Time-Space Conflict Analysis Based on 4-D Production Models

4-D Space Planning Specification Development for Construction Work Spaces

Construction Method Models: The Glue Between Design and Construction

Implementation of Automated Site Data Collection with a Medium-Sized Contractor





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