Heave Compensated Landing System - A Novel Tool for Subsea Intervention

by R. Nelson, Kerr-McGee Corporation,
J. Soliah, Oceaneering International, Inc.,
T. Caldwell, BP Exploration Inc.,
D. Morrison, Shell E&P Technology Company,
J. Pritchard, Shell Offshore Inc.

Part of: Offshore Technology in Civil Engineering: Hall of Fame Papers: Volume 12

Abstract: This paper presents a new intervention system that allows the use of a low cost workboat to deploy and recover delicate payloads in subsea installations. Vessel motions are decoupled from the subsea package by a specific chain and buoy system. A prototype was built and successfully tested offshore in 3,000 ft of water during May 1996. The Heave Compensated Landing System (HCLS) concept, offshore testing program, test results, lessons learned, and future developments are discussed.

Copyright holder: Offshore Technology Conference, Copyright 1997

Subject Headings: Submerging | Heave | Payloads | Offshore structures | Motion (dynamics) | Coupling | Benefit cost ratios


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