Heave Compensated Landing System - A Novel Tool for Subsea Intervention
This paper presents a new intervention system that allows the use of a low cost workboat to deploy and recover delicate payloads in subsea installations. Vessel motions are decoupled from the subsea package...

Experimental p-y Model for Submerged, Stiff Clay

The Submarine Mission
A new Navy engineering and support facility for submarines has been designed and constructed at Lake Pend Oreille, near Bayview, Idaho. The project includes a bridge approach to the facility,...

Book Review: Hydraulic Gates and Valves in Free Surface Flow and Submerged Outlets by Jack Lewin. London: Thomas Telford Publishing, 2001

Numerical Analysis of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Flows Around Submerged Groins

Submarine Land Slide and Its Impacts on the Neighboring Coast

Biological Phosphorus and Nitrogen Removal Utilizing Submerged RBCs and Intermittent Aeration

Potential Impacts of Earthquake-Induced Submarine Landslides on Shipping in the Columbia River

A Risk Analysis of a Submerged Breakwater

Large-Scale Hydrodynamic Experiments on Submerged Breakwaters

Modeling of Hydrodynamic and Morphological Effects of Submerged Breakwaters on the Nearshore Region

Wave Motion over a Multiple-Plate Breakwater

Hydraulics of Submerged Flow Constructed Wetlands with Plants

Ma Wan Submarine Crossing Using Horizontal Directional Drilling

Wave Kinematics Near a Submerged Unrestrained Cylinder

Wave Forces on Partially Submerged Pipe Breakwater

Advanced Computational Model for Sacrificial Cathodic Protection of Partially Submerged Reinforced Concrete Marine Footers

Numerical Analysis of Three-Dimensional Turbulent Flows Around Submerged Groins

Analytical Model for Hydraulic Roughness of Submerged Vegetation

2-D Models for Flows in the River with Submerged Groins





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