Heave Compensated Landing System - A Novel Tool for Subsea Intervention
This paper presents a new intervention system that allows the use of a low cost workboat to deploy and recover delicate payloads in subsea installations. Vessel motions are decoupled from the subsea package...

Heave Distress Problems in Chemically-Treated Sulfate-Laden Materials

Deep Mixing Technology for Deep Excavation

A Retrospective on Early Analysis and Simulation of Freeze and Thaw Dynamics

A New Simple Frost Model: Validated and Easy to Use

Fighting Frost Problems in New York State Pavements

Field Trial of Tire Shreds as Insulation for Paved Roads

Roughness Wavelengths Induced by Frost Heave

Icicle/Frost Heave Prevention System Aided by Heat Pipe for Railway Tunnel

Measurement of the Pore Size Distribution of Geomaterials Using Conductometric Phase Transition Porosimetry

Frost Heave Problems Inside a Nuclear Power Plant

Generalized Integral Laws of Frost Heaving Soils: Their Development and Use in Design of Structures and Aerodromes

Forecasting Rig Heave for Drilling Operations in Harsh Environments

City of Duluth Long Term Street Improvement Program-History

Reducing Frost Heave with Capillary Barriers: Interim Results

Experiments on Frost Heaving Force of Ground Anchor

Winter Tenting of Highway Pavements

Subgrade and Base: Some Considerations in Seasonally Cold Regions

Comparative Frost Heave Test Results in Japan

Reconstruction of St. Louis CSAH 48—LaVaque Road near Duluth, Minnesota





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