The Hail Problem

Atmospheric Water Management Standards Committee

Part of: Guidelines for Operational Hail Suppression Programs


Unlike some other forms of precipitation, hail comes in bursts of short duration, falls over isolated and unpredictable locations, and usually occupies only a small percentage of the total area covered by precipitation during any given storm. Nonetheless, the sudden, instantly visible destruction caused by hail can have devastating financial and emotional impacts. It is not surprising, therefore, that people in many places have attempted to avert hail damage to their crops and other property. Hailstorms can cause enormous losses, especially in developed (urban) areas where high-value property is concentrated in relatively small areas. Damages from individual hailstorms often total hundreds of millions of dollars, and in some cases have exceeded a billion dollars.

Subject Headings: Precipitation | Urban and regional development | Storms | Human and behavioral factors | Financial management | Crops


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