Lessons Learned
The city of Beirut sits on a peninsula along Lebanon’s Mediterranean coast. The Port of Beirut, opened in 1887, is located directly north of downtown Beirut and mostly separated from the commercial and...

The Transcona Grain Elevator Failure Revisited: A Modern Perspective a Century Later
More than a century ago, a seminal event in the then world of foundation engineering took place in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, when the mat-foundation-supported Transcona Grain Elevator underwent catastrophic...

Historically, animal waste was considered a valuable fertilizer and thus land was applied for sustainable on-farm production of crops and animals. However, with the shift to large production...

A Paradigm Shift in Irrigation Management
In coming decades, irrigated agriculture will be called upon to produce up to two thirds of the increased food supply needed by an expanding world population. But the increasing dependence...

Subirrigation: Water Table Management
Water table management (subirrigation) is accomplished by controlling the water table, usually through a subsurface drainage system. The crop is subirrigated with water being furnished...

Modeling Surface Trapped River Plumes: A Sensitivity Study

Marine Ecosystem Response to Copper-Based Pesticide Runoff

Ecological Risk Reduction for Copper-Based Crop Protectants: A Comparison of Plasticulture with and without Sedimentation Control

Economic Valuation of Agricultural Water Use for Large-Scale Modeling
(No paper) A state-wide irrigated agricultural production model has been developed for California. The model is an extension of the Central Valley Production (CVP) Model that was most...

Vibro-Replacement in Residual Soils for Grain Storage Silos

Evaluation of Management Strategies for the Doan Brook Urban Watershed

The Removal of Microorganisms by Clarification

Wastewater Lagoons for Cold Regions

Oil in the Soil
An oil well blowout in northern Italy contaminated about 1,500 ha of agricultural land primarily used to cultivate rice. The cleanup team decided to use bioremediation techniques because...

Heavy Metal Speciation and Uptake to Durum Wheat from Sewage Sludge

Current Control Systems for Lake Water Quality Management

Will Global Change Affect Planktonic Productivity?

Scaling Issues in Artificial Neural Network Modeling and Forecasting of Algal Bloom Dynamics

Estimation of Crop Evapotranspiration by Using the Penman-Monteith Method with a Variable Canopy Resistance

Eco-Environmental Constraints to Rice Irrigation





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