Team Development Through Feedback

by Mel Hensey, P.E., (F.ASCE),

Part of: Collective Excellence: Building Effective Teams


Groups and teams need to be effective in whatever they're doing; they need to achieve their mission or purpose. Just as important, every team or group needs to be seen as effective by its clients or customers users and beneficiaries owners or stakeholders regulators (if appropriate) group/team members colleagues in other groups How a group is viewed or regarded by others is essential information if the group is to continue to be supported, provided with resources, and have good future work opportunities. This is true even in the public sector (e.g., schools, agencies, hospitals, utilities) eventually. It may take longer, but sooner or later public sector groups will be held accountable by those they supposedly serve.

Subject Headings: Team building | Client relationships | Utilities | Owners | Health care facilities | Education


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