Subsurface Utility Engineering and Megaprojects: Avoiding Underground Conflicts Helps Speed Project Delivery
Experienced project owners realize that utility conflicts can be risky and pose unexpected impacts on the cost and delivery of projects, especially in urban settings. To help overcome these impacts, Subsurface...

Book Review: BIM Handbook: A Guide to Building Information Modeling for Owners, Managers, Designers, Engineers, and Contractors by Chuck Eastman, Paul Teicholz, Rafael Sacks, and Kathleen Liston. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2008.

Owner Perspectives
This section discusses owner perspectives. Topics include realities in the public sector, setting the baseline, and managing the owner's risk....

Standard Guideline for the Collection and Depiction of Existing Subsurface Utility Data
Development of the referenced Standard began in 1996. It is slated for publication in summer of 2002. The intent of this standard guideline is to present a system of classifying the quality...

What Part of Nollan Didn't They Understand?
This presentation concerns litigation presently pending between the County of Santa Barbara and the owners of a home on the beach in Santa Barbara County. The lawsuit commenced in November...

Quality in the Constructed Project
A Guide for Owners, Designers, and Constructors
This Second Edition of Quality in the Constructed Project: A Guide for Owners, Designers, and Constructors (ASCE Manual No. 73) provides information...

Guidelines for Instrumentation and Measurements for Monitoring Dam Performance
Prepared by the Task Committee on Instrumentation and Monitoring Dam Performance of the Hydropower Committee of the Energy Division of ASCE. This report...

Owner Challenges When Selecting Directional Drilling for Pipeline Installations

Specifications and the Contracting Process: Owners Viewpoint

Standard Data Exchange Format for Scheduling Software

Launched Bridges
Launched Bridges is a book designed to merge the static, organizational, and economic aspects of construction techniques for the launch of...

Landowner Perspective on Environmental Planning

Private and Public Rights in the Beach and Shore in California

Merging Genetic Algorithms with Neural Networks: Owner-Contractor Prequalification Example

The Last Designer's CAD-Database for Sourcing, Procurement, and Planning

The Great Lakes Storm Damage Reporting System

Microtunneling: An Owner's Perspective

A New Zealand Owner's Policy on Testing Hydraulic Structure Gates and Valves

Sustainable Hydropower at Home and Abroad

Who's Minding the Store? The Structural Engineer's Role





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