The Psychology of Business Development

by Scott C. Gladden, Corporate V.P.; Marketing and Business Development, AGRA Earth & Environmental Inc.,
Arnold Olitt, Deceased,

Part of: Marketing and Selling A/E and Other Engineering Services: An Essential Guide to Creating Your Own Program


A successful marketing-oriented firm that is service-minded will have its entire staff involved in selling at different levels. This includes how phones are answered as well as how proposals and reports are delivered. Regardless of what function your staff are performing, it is important to have all members of your organization involved in the marketing culture and aware of the professional image you want projected by your people, although the bulk of your personal selling will probably be done by a limited number of people. Selling your professional service most effectively requires a professional who knows the company's infrastructure well and has project experience which provides a technical background. The most likely candidates are people who enjoy talking about their work, exhibit a strong sense of business decorum, and are socially extroverted. These individuals have a natural talent for making people feel comfortable around them and find it easy to build rapport quickly.

Subject Headings: Project management | Social factors | Professional societies | Professional practice | Marketing | Infrastructure | Human and behavioral factors


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