Marketing Your Web Site
Most companies in the engineering and construction industry have had their own Web sites for some time. But experts warn that generating traffic from potential clients, job seekers and...

Development of Innovative Transit Services Using Market Research Techniques
The private sector has used market research techniques to determine the characteristics of their markets and marketing to develop and encourage the use of their products and/or services....

MetroCard: Automating New York City's Public Transit System
On January 6, 1994, New York City Transit introduced Automated Fare Collection to the largest transit system in the world. Known as MetroCard, this system of Automated Fare Collection...

Public Transport Reform and Development in China: World Bank Perspective and Experience
It is observed that traditional bus shares have declined precipitously in many cities across China during the past 15 years. This paper reviews the factors underlying this trend, the goals...

Big-Firm Marketing Ideas That Can Work For You
Access to a large advertising and marketing budget may make it easier to attract clients, but bringing in new business doesn't have to be expensive. Marketing professionals...

Use of Economic Optimization to Assess the Value of Water Marketing
(No paper) There is an increasing interest and implementation of water markets as an allocation mechanism for water in the Western U.S. However, the importance of the timing and location...

A Review of Established Water Markets and Quasi-Water Markets
This presentation provides a review of established institutional mechanisms which regulate the transfer of water withdrawal rights. Each method of water rights transfer is evaluated in...

An Update on Deep Mixing Technology Worldwide

Sustainable Transportation Strategy and Market Planning Approach: The Southern California Experience

Problems Analysis of Train Speed-increasing on Main Lines with Heavy Traffic

Giving Impetus to Railway Transport Marketing

Pipeline Market—20 Billion Dollars for 1998: Would You Like Some of This Work?

Marketing is Everyone's Job
While good management, strategic planning and a good reputation certainly contribute to a firm's growth and higher profits, most successes can be credited to an aggressive...

A Market Survey of APM Service Attributes

Hahn Air-Industrial Park: A Case Study for Military Airfield Conversions

Automated People Mover Technology Selection: A Spectrum of Choices

Hydropower's Role in a Competitive Electricity Supply Market

Environmental Issues in the Global Hydroelectric Market

Alternative Methods to Relicensing Hydroelectric Projects in a Changing Market

Power Exchange Evaluation Within a Decision Support System





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