From Good to Great: The Evolution of Cutoff Wall Quality Control and Verification Techniques
The last three decades have brought tremendous improvements to quality control (QC) procedures for construction and post-construction verification of deep cutoff walls installed in active high-hazard dams....

Infrastructure Report Card

Fire & Water
Over the years, wildfires have crept out of the wild and into the urban landscape, threatening more lives, property, and infrastructure than ever before, sometimes devastating communities. In Paradise,...

Failing Infrastructure Costing Families $3,300 a Year, New ASCE Report Says

Illinois City to Rely on Green Infrastructure to Reduce Combined Sewer Overflows

How Are Ancient Egyptian and Modern American Road Construction Linked?

Nature’s Infrastructure

Infrastructure Solutions: Public Parks Meet Community Needs
Despite the fact that public parks received a D+ in ASCE’s 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, there are plenty of examples of how engineers have helped local, state, and national parks implement innovative...

Passage of Great American Outdoors Act Promises Greater Funding for Parks Infrastructure

California Assesses The Climate Change Vulnerabilities of its State Highway System

Infrastructure and Technologies That Make the Mega City Work
Future World Vision, spearheaded by ASCE's industry Leaders Council, combines artificial intelligence and gaming technologies in a unique, immersive 3D experience....

INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS: Renewable Energy Surges Forward
This installation of Civil Engineering’s Infrastructure Solutions series, which looks at how civil engineers are using cutting-edge techniques to resolve the issues identified in ASCE’s 2017 Infrastructure...

Resources to Enhance the Geotechnical Educational Experience
In 2016, I joined the ASCE Minnesota Section’s (ASCE-MN) inaugural infrastructure Report Card Committee at a time in my career when I was curious about the role civil engineering had to play in the overall...

Why Does Empathy Matter in Design Thinking and Infrastructure?

Advocating for Infrastructure
Since its initial release in 1998, ASCE’s Infrastructure Report Card has increased the visibility of infrastructure among the public and elected officials. At both the national and state levels, the report...

Presidential Candidates Discuss Infrastructure Plans At Las Vegas Forum

Cities Call for Federal Infrastructure Investment in 2020

Undergraduate Course Prepares Civil Engineers To Lead in the Smart Infrastructure Arena

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, Corvias Form Green Infrastructure Partnership

Adaptive Infrastructure To Mitigate Future Climate Risk: Building Upon Our Geotechnical Engineering Heritage
It’s time to recognize that past extreme events may no longer serve as reliable proxies for the future. Current infrastructure design concepts rely on historical events, assuming temporal stationarity...





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