The Marketing Director and the Marketing Team

by Scott C. Gladden, Corporate V.P.; Marketing and Business Development, AGRA Earth & Environmental Inc.,
Arnold Olitt, Deceased,

Part of: Marketing and Selling A/E and Other Engineering Services: An Essential Guide to Creating Your Own Program


All employees of a firm are part of the marketing organization. The general staff indirectly performs their marketing task by doing their work well. The leaders of the organization, however, have a threefold job: first, they must do technical work; second, they must maintain their responsibilities in the administration of their department or firm; and third, they must become directly involved in the selling process. It would be ideal if all the leaders could perform all of these functions. However, people typically do not excel in each of the three categories mentioned, so you will find that some leaders spend most of their time on the technical aspects and very little on the other two functions. Some, of course, are great administrators and spend little time in the technical or marketing portions of their job, while a few consider the marketing aspect the vital portion of their work and have very little time for either projects or administration. It becomes necessary, therefore, to find a marketing director who is responsible for the marketing function and who carries it out on all levels in a high-quality manner.

Subject Headings: Marketing | Employees | Business organizations | Spreadsheets


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