Learning by Doing: The Real Connection between Innovation, Wages, and Wealth, By James Bessen. New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Press, 2015

The Dirt on Your Future Employees: Undergraduate Education in the U.S.

Exercise, Motivation, and Employee Performance

Ten Practical Employee Engagement Steps That Drive Results!

The Engineering Income and Salary Survey Standard Report
Trends Analysis, Policies, and Practice
The Salary Survey of 2010 is an engineering income and salary survey....

The Engineering Income and Salary Survey
Trends Analysis, Policies, and Practices
The Salary Survey of 2009 is an engineering income and salary survey....

Geo-Diversity: Improving the Retention of Women in the Workforce

Mentoring's Effects on Employee Retention

Lesssons Learned from Experience Dealing with Risks of Extreme Events: Part II
For every known IS vulnerability, there is a matching countermeasure. However, we do not know all IS vulnerabilities. The following tasks are geared towards identifying IS vulnerabilities,...

How to Work Effectively with Consulting Engineers
Getting the Best Project at the Right Price for Your Public Constituents
This manual is a comprehensive revision of the previous edition that addresses the procurement of engineering services for a quality project. It outlines the functions of the consulting...

Fundamental Laboratory Investigation of Compensation Grouting in Clay

The Berlin Local Transport Company (BVG): A Part of Berlin
Public transport was in existence in Berlin for more than 150 years. Buses, trams, and underground trains were combined in a single company, whose initials BVG became part of Berlin. As...

The Economics of Beach Nourishment in Delaware
This study provides a detailed examination of the benefits of Delaware's ongoing nourishment program, and examines the incidence of benefits to those who live within and outside of the...

Opportunities and Challenges Facing Underground Construction

The Future of the Mechanical Construction Industry

Proper Placement of Personnel

Quality--A Capital Idea! One Organization's Journey to Excellence

Salting: Construction Unions' Attack on Nonunion Contractors

Ecosystem Management in the State of Florida
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), acting at the direction of the 1993 legislature and the Governor, has developed a concept for implementing ecosystem management...

Development of Worker Safety in the Environmental Field in the Past 25 Years





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