A Probabilistic Approach to the Response of Tall Buildings to Wind Loadings

by Morteza A. M. Torkamani, (M.ASCE), Univ of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, United States,
Ramadan S. Murad, Univ of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Structures Congress XII


Tall buildings constructed in recent years are light in weight, flexible and low in damping. This is the consequence of using lighter material with higher strength, and fewer interior walls. Such modern buildings are sensitive to wind loading, and their behavior under wind action becomes a major concern of the structural engineers. In the early designs, wind pressures were assumed to act statically by neglecting the gust components of the wind and taking the wind velocity as invariant with time and space. Based on these assumptions, different aerodynamic coefficients such as pressure, drag and lift coefficients were obtained from simple wind-tunnel experiments on models in a steady stream. The purpose of this study is to perform a probabilistic analysis of tall buildings subjected to wind excitation. A time domain simulation is first applied to the nonlinear problem. After introducing several simplifying assumptions which linearize the problem, a frequency domain analysis is then performed. Finally, the results of both approaches are compared to study the effect of the assumptions.

Subject Headings: Wind loads | Load factors | High-rise buildings | Wind pressure | Probability | Wind forces | Wind engineering

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