A Probabilistic Approach to Karstic Foundation Variability
Karst is a landscape formed in soluble rocks caused by movement of water that has become slightly acidic. Limestone, dolomite, and gypsum are vulnerable to these influences and may be...

Probabilistic Analysis of Long-Term Aquifer Recharge
Long-term time series of aquifer recharge and other aquifer fluxes (aquifer discharge, groundwater extraction) are essential to monitor and understand aquifer processes. This paper presents...

Long-Term Wave Probabilities Based on Hindcasting of Severe Storms

A Probabilistic Investigation of Foundation Design for Offshore Gravity Structures

Probabilistic Fatigue Analysis of Fixed Offshore Structures

Degrees of Belief
Subjective Probability and Engineering Judgment
Degrees of Belief artfully weaves together three elements at the very core of engineering: uncertainties in knowledge, inductive reasoning,...

Uncertainty in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis

A Framework for Performance-Based Seismic Design
The following probabilistic framework for seismic performance assessment is presented as an effective foundation for the development of performance-based guidelines. It suggests a generic...

New Parameters to Model Ground Motions
The paper presents three new parameters to characterize earthquake-induced ground motions. All three parameters evolve from the concept of response spectra, and are termed 3D response...

Probabilistic Simplified and Detailed Subsurface Drainage Water Quality Modeling of Nitrate Leaching
A transparent uncertainty structure is derived for simplified and detailed conceptual nitrate leaching as a result of a probabilistic modelling procedure. The uncertainty structure consists...

Predicting Droughts for the South Platte River System
In this paper we apply probability theory and stochastic processes to determine drought properties, particularly drought duration. Spccilicslly, we model the sequences of wet and dry years...

Sizing Loose Dumped Rock Riprap: A Probability-Based Approach

Probability of Bridge Failure Due to Scouring

Strength, Ductility, and Reliability of HSC Columns

Condition Assessment and Maintenance of Aging Structures in Critical Facilities—A Probabilistic Approach

Durability Scaling of High Performance Concrete (HPC) Structures Using the Probabilistic Crack Approach

Probabilistic Assessment of the Safety of High Strength Concrete Columns

Deterioration Model for Corrosion in Concrete Using Monte Carlo Simulation

Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization and Life-Cycle Cost

Characterization of Uncertainty in Underground Structures





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